Goodyear to Expand Use of Multi-Zone Tread Technology


Goodyear will expand the use of Multi-Zone Tread Technology in 2014. Goodyear’s Multi-Zone Tread technology features two distinct compounds in one tire. One zone is for enhanced traction and the other is for greater endurance.

Last year, Goodyear debuted the tires at Atlanta Motor Speedway, and used them again at the fall race at Kansas Speedway. While Goodyear still expects to run the multi-zone tread tires at Atlanta and Kansas again this year, they will also expand the program to Texas Motor Speedway and Richmond International Raceway at a minimum. If in-season tire tests go well, the program may be further expanded to other, unspecified tracks.

Goodyear director of race tire sales, Greg Stucker had this to say:

Atlanta is a unique track that presents several challenges for us as a tiremaker – it is extremely abrasive, but at the same time it’s extremely fast. While the Gen-6 car added even more speed to the equation, thus putting more stress on the right side tires, just going to a harder compound wasn’t a viable solution. The Multi-Zone Tread technology enabled us to maintain the tractive compound on the outside portion of the tread and toughen up the inside three inches to help protect the part of the right-side tire that sees a lot of heat.

Kansas, on the other hand, was a little more than a year on this side of a repave. And while the track seemed to have lost some grip, it had not yet begun to wear tires. For this case, we chose to increase the grip on the left side of the car with a more tractive, single-compound tire. We paired that with a Multi-Zone Tread right-side that combined the same compound we’d run there since the repave on the outside for traction with a tougher, more heat resistant compound on the inboard three inches for endurance.

What we accomplished in 2013 was proof of concept – both on the track and in the manufacturing process. Building off what we’ve learned, we will come back this season and add several tracks to the Multi-Zone Tread roster.

NASCAR vice president of competition Robin Pemberton also weighed in on the tire technology:

Goodyear continues to improve the competition with the development of new tire technology. The Multi-Zone Tread tire gives us the ability to optimize the tire for enhanced performance and racing on the track. The Multi-Zone Tread technology will give us better racing long-term. This means that Goodyear can not only build safer tires, but also tires that will allow for enhanced competition for both our competitors and our fans.

Hopefully the improvements in tire technology, along with the Gen 6 car, will continue to improve the racing product in NASCAR.